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Unless otherwise stated, all auditions are at the theatre, and you should arrive at 7.30pm for a 7.45 pm start.
It would be useful to let the director know of your intention to audition, and for which part(s).
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NEW AUDITION SCHEDULING: Please note that as from the July 2016 production, our auditions are now being scheduled at least one play earlier than previously. Please ensure that you always check with this page before planning to attend an audition. All plays subject to successful licencing. (All licenses granted through to The History Boys)

Play playright Director Characters Audition Performing
Theatrical KnightsKeith LipscombeKevin Evans3m (2 60s and 1 20s/30s)28-June-201731-October-4 November 2017
Dracula or A Pain in the NeckA Playhouse ProductionMaggie Holland7 2F 5M (or could be done 3F 4M)27-September-201712-16 December 2017

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Play Theatrical Knights
Playwright Keith Lipscombe
Director Kevin Evans
Audition 28-June-2017
Performances 31 10-4 November 2017
Characters Sir Tom Seymour – A writer. Mid 60’s (potential to age up), grey hair in ponytail, grey moustache and glasses. Short tempered, superiority complex. Sir Anthony Randolph – A famous Hollywood actor. Early 60’s (potential to age up). Clean cut, London accent. Easy going, pleasant. Lou Green – 20's to 30's, London accent.
Synopsis A Saturday afternoon in December 2015, the converted stable building behind a large Victorian house in Primrose Hill, the den of Sir Tom Seymour. Seymour was a screenwriter and playwright. Once a household name, his star has waned in recent years. Sir Anthony Randolph is a hugely popular, perennial Hollywood actor. They bicker and pettifogger as only the dearest of friends may. These two old stagers have shaken hands on a £10 bet. What is that bet? How will it be decided? Join them as they try to settle the matter in this sometimes funny, sometimes unsettling, twisting thriller.
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